Wine Barrels

Sourced from California.

We meticulously source wine barrels from all over California. We have developed relationships with some of the largest wine producers in the United States. We also have relationships with smaller, high end wineries. All of the wineries we work with have excellent barrel maintenance practices. Every single barrel goes through a careful and thorough cleaning process. The barrels are rinsed, gassed with so2 and sealed for storage prior to shipping to our warehouses. We guaranty our wine barrels are clean and ready to be used to age your beverage or food product.

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What does it mean that the barrels are neutral?

The term “neutral barrels” refers to the tannins in the oak. Tannins are extracted from the wood during the aging process. The tannins are what give wine the oak and vanilla flavors. The barrels we source have been used for 4+ years and almost all of the tannins have been pulled from the oak. You will certainly get plenty of flavor from the wine in that was last aged in the barrel, but you will unlikely receive much of an oak or vanilla flavor from the oak.

Difference between French oak and American oak barrels

French Oak

French oak barrels are made from Oak trees grown in France. The oak in France has a tighter grain than American oak. French oak is said to have softer qualities and to be more elegant than American oak producing flavors of dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans and exotic, savory spices.

American Oak

American oak barrels are made from oak tress grown in the US. American oak has a looser grain and produce more assertive flavors including coconut, vanilla extract, and sweet spices.

Wine Varietals We Source

Red Wine
    • Pinot Noir
    • Red and black cherries and plums, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, blackberries
    • Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Black Currant, Blackberry, Pencil Lead, Tobacco, Mint
    • Merlot
    • Black Cherry, plums chocolate, and vanilla

White Wine
    • Chardonnay
    • Yellow apple, citrus, butter, and vanilla
    • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Honeydew, grapefruit, white peach, and passion fruit