Maple Syrup Barrels

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We regularly house bulk quantities of freshly dumped, top quality maple syrup barrels from our partners at a lead organic maple syrup farm whose award-winning artisanal syrup flavors have garnered high praise from world renowned food critics as well as endorsements from a few big-name celebrities.

Due to their previous occupants - bourbon and apple brandy - each maple syrup barrel is layered with exceptional richness, depth, and character. They are anxiously awaiting their next inhabitant.

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Our Maple Syrup Barrels

53 Gallon/200L, Ex-Bourbon

Before the heavenly aromas of maple syrup seeped into its wood staves, Heaven Hill bourbon was the original barrel occupant, imparting its smooth, warm notes of vanilla, honey, and caramel with just enough oak and char to round out the richness. Once the bourbon was emptied, the barrels were then filled with delicious maple syrup and left to sit for several months. Maple is sure to marry exceptionally well with the next batch of flavors.

53 Gallon/200L, Ex-Apple Brandy

Laird’s Apple Brandy once aged beautifully in these barrels leaving behind its distinct apple notes. After the brandy was emptied, maple syrup made its way into the barrels and permeated the wood staves with sweet, vanilla notes for several months. The combination of apple brandy and maple syrup is sure to impart a tantalizing and unique flavor to the next barrel occupant.