We are thrilled to give you an insiders look into the exciting moments and rewarding experiences that come with sourcing barrels. Each trip is truly unique and provides valuable insight into not only the world of barrels and spirits but also different cultures, perspectives, and so much more.

Our philosophy is centered around the appreciation of and education on the essence of what is aged in each type of barrel as well as celebrating the cultures and traditions that surround its existence. There are no rules for what we do; we make them as we go and genuinely enjoy the ride along the way.

We are humbled daily by your support and are committed to finding the finest barrels the world has to offer.

Jalisco, Mexico

New sources, regions, insights, and travels in the land of blue agave


Fine rum, beautiful beaches, fisherman, and of course, barrels!

Southern Mexico

Success finding the elusive mezcal barrel, Zapotec culture, biodiversity, and celebrating dia de los muertos

Spain & Portugal

Two great countries, fantastic wine, beautiful landscapes, and traditional cooperages

South America

Finding small batch rum barrels, exploring new cities, markets, and indigenous cultures