Frequently Asked Questions


What are the standard dimensions of barrels?

Wine barrels are typically 34" high and 27" wide (at the bilge)


Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes, we ship to Canada and other countries. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Do you ship individual barrels?

Yes, we ship anywhere from one barrel to up to full truckload of barrels! In order to ship, we require the receiver to have a commercial address with access for a 53’ truck. The receiver will need to unload the barrels. Either a loading dock or a forklift is recommended. We can offer limited access service or a truck with a lift-gate for an additional charge. If you are nearby one of our locations, you can always pick up for free.

Barrel Care

What are the standard dimensions of the barrels?

Spirit barrels are typically 36” high by 26” wide (at the bilge)

Wine barrels are typically 40” high and 27” wide (at the bilge)

If my barrel leaks, do you have any tips?

Yes, we offer a maintenance guide that outlines steps to resolve leaks (include link to guide). You can also call or email us and we can help you resolve any issues.

I just received my shipment of barrels, do I have to swell them before use?

Although it is not necessarily required, we recommend swelling the barrels as a precaution; especially if they are not filled within a couple weeks from receipt. We recommend the following steps to swell our barrel:

  • Completely soak the exterior of the barrel with water
  • Stand the barrel upright and fill the head with water (on the outside). It should look like a bird bath. Check for any leaks and allow the water to rest for up to an hour
  • Turn the barrel over to the other side and repeat the process.
  • This method swells the barrel from the exterior and preserves any of the flavors inside the barrel.
How many times can I refill my barrel?

As many times as you’d like! As long as the barrel remains swelled with liquid, you can reuse it.

After 2-3 uses you will no longer get any flavor from the wine or spirit in the wood, but the barrel can still be used as a fermentation/aging vessel (great for sour beers).


Do you sell racks?

Yes, we are a distributor for Rack and Maintenance based out of Walla Walla, Washington.

What is the difference between a used rack and a refurbished rack?

Used racks are straight used barrel racks. Refurbished racks are used racks that were broken down. The faulty pieces are removed and the racks are rewelded and repainted. They practically look new!

What does 4” or 7” rack mean?

This is the measurement of the gap you will have between the barrel on the rack below and the barrel on the rack above it. 4” racks are great for spaces with lower ceilings where 7” racks will give you better access to the top of each barrel.


I'm interested in renting barrels. Is delivery available or do I need to make my own arrangements?

A minimum order of $800 is required for delivery and pick up. For all orders under $800, the customer is responsible for picking up and returning the barrels to our showroom.

Is a rental contract required?

Yes, we do require a fully executed rental agreement.

What is the process for picking up and returning rented barrels?

Barrels must be picked up from and returned to our showroom on the dates specified in the rental agreement. Payment is due in full at the time of pick up and we require a credit card to keep on file until the barrels are returned. The barrels weigh between 100-125 pounds each. Up to two barrels will fit into a standard SUV with the seats down. Our staff will help load and unload them at our showroom. The customer should designate a few people to help get them situated at their respective event venue.

What if I need to cancel?

Items may be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours prior to contracted pick-up date. Cancellation of any item within 48 hours of the contracted pick-up date will result in a 50% cancellation fee.

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