225L/59G Moscatel Barrels




Imported from Portugal – Inspected by a cooperage prior to shipping

Volume/Size: 225L/59G

French Oak

Moscatel is a naturally sweet wine, produced in a similar way as Pedro Ximénez, with the grape variety being at least 85% Moscatel de Alejandria / Moscatel de grano menudo (à petits grains). Harvested late, the overripe grapes are often dried in the sun for up to three weeks, a process called asoleo. The musts are so thick and sugary they can hardly ferment. Fermentation is stopped by fortification shortly after.

The characteristics of moscatel stand out in the nose with the presence of the floral aromas of jasmine, orange blossom and honey suckle in addition to citric notes of lime and grapefruit and other hints of sweetness. It has a restrainedly sweet palate with predominant floral notes leading to a slightly dry, bitter finish.